• Doriel Alie

Fitness Website Design: Proper Good Fitness

Below shows the platform creation we created for Mr Rory Mack, a London-based personal trainer whose experience in corporate health and fitness, has elevated his one-2-one, and group services.

Rory decided to expand his fitness business online, and branch out into the community. He really is a brilliant go-getter, who ticks off, all he plans.

He makes fitness FUN, whilst helping all achieve their goals.

Flick through to see the front pages.... what do you think?

Once the front pages were designed, and Rory was happy with the look and flow of the site, we moved onto creating the workout gifs used to compile his 12-week online programme.

Providing a holistic approach to achieving your fitness goals, once and for all!

We have created the most effective programme, for his particular audience.

12-week's worth of meal ideas, educational topics, and progressive workouts, to be delivered, automatically.

Perfect for a growing database of clients, at different stages of your programme.

Working to such a structure removes the need to attend every session your client trains, instead, you can offer support through engaging messages, with links or useful information to back-up their journey. Work in real-time, or address your clients in a weekly progress meeting, the choice depends on your business, and individual client needs.

Below gives a glimpse of the unique features that can be added your any custom-build platform produced here!

Book yourself 30 minutes to discuss your future ideas for online fitness coaching.

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