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I tried several generic systems, but couldn't find one that ticked all the boxes and pleased my clients.

So, I decided to build my own platform to include all the services I wanted to offer, and manage the business activities I needed to monitor...

Doriel Alie

- Online Fitness Launch Specialist

work with me for:

Support with a tailor made road map for successful business activities needed:

Brand Development

Fitness Material

Content Creation

Marketing Strategy

Sales Techniques

Supply mobile friendly website completed with the following features:

Bookings and Payments

Take Away Fitness Plans

Online Fitness Coaching 

Video Subscription Channels

Blog Topics and More

Avoiding separate providers
Providing the tools
and structure

for Personal

Expand your reach

Manage more clients

Experience more freedom

Launch your
Online Fitness Business 
in 4 Weeks



With the correct support you can be up and running in 4 Weeks
You have all the content we need already inside of you! It's our job to pull out your best work and co-create the start of something great.

with the correct tools to provide the best online experience:

  • Take-Away Fitness Plans

  • Online Fitness Coaching

  • Free or Paid Blog Topics

  • Free or Paid Video Channels and more...


with Marketing Support


Failing to plan, is planning to fail. Get a strategy plan tailored to your business goals too.

Web Design Image
Feature Packed & Mobile Friendly
Online Fitness Business Launch Workshop

Branding & Service Selection

2 hr Group Workshop

Complete your business branding, decide on images and messaging.

Select the online and in-person fitness services you will offer.

Web Content Initial Upload

One-2-One Session

Finalise all static web site content ensuring

all grammar/spelling errors are corrected.

Web Content Approved & Fitness Content Planned

2 hr Group Workshop

Last check of images, videos, wording, and


List footage needed for online services..

Site Hosted for Silent Launch

One-2-One Session

Domains registered and live site published

for continued editing using all premium features.

Fitness Content Recorded & Uploaded

Solo Step & 2 hr Group Workshop

Exercise clips, workout videos, or any

nutritional footage to be recorded, edited, and uploaded into your fitness services.

Overall Review & Handover

One-2-One Session

Full instructions and access to video tutorials.

Marketing Plan Creation

2 hr Group Workshop

Winning strategy plans for clear and effective marketing campaigns

All Platforms Optimized

One-2-One Session

Social media biographies and cover photos updated with your new focus, content, and keywords.

Get Set For Growth:
and get Market Ready
Branded app in Google Play and Apple Store

Yellow Version Website


Fitness Website Review

Sandip Ghataorra

Personal Trainer, Boxing Trainer

"I help professionals get better in all areas of their life through a bespoke fitness training and coaching programme and Doriel has helped me create a platform, a website specific to the way that I work that's helping me work and communicate with clients a lot more effectively.

I want to develop the site further as I have so many plans, but this is my second business and I have a family to be around for so i'll take it at a sensible pace."

Fitness Website Testimonial

Ula Reder

Personal Trainer for all level (athletes to special needs)

Group Instructor & Fitness Assessor for YMCA Fit

"The feed back about website was very POSITIVE, everyone comments how professional it looks and how nicely flows from one page to next, thank you."​

Fitness Website Feedback

Rory Mack

Personal Trainer, Group Trainer, Events Coordinator

"Super happy with the look and feel of my site and I enjoyed going through my brand.


I know it's something we can forget, so I'm glad I got reacquainted with my target market and what they really need."

Intense Training


I've worked in the fitness industry for over 10 years as a studio launch manager, a Muay Thai instructor, and personal trainer/online fitness coach.

I now work exclusively with others to:

establish financial freedom, work less hours, and enjoy every bit of it through online fitness.

If you want to see your fitness business attract and manage more clients online please contact me to arrange a consultation.

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