Online Fitness Coaching

Showcase the service and prompt a consultation

Front Pages:

You have a total of 16 front pages

that are visible to the general public

without having to log in.



Showcase your brand through images, text, and videos that relates to your mission.

To show your visitors that you understand their main concerns and you have the solution.

To allow easy navigation and purchase of any products or services.

My Details

Members can update their details and add profile pics

Member Pages:

You have a total of 7 member pages

for those who have created an account

on your website.



To allow clients to manage their bookings, make payments and keep their details up to date.

To access services such as online coaching, or any take-away fitness plans. 

To monitor personal progress through performance videos, food diaries etc

Admin Area

To access your fitness library and build plans

Admin Pages:

You have a total of pages 

for you to function your online

coaching service.



To add or remove site members to your online fitness coaching system.

To build your fitness library and create bespoke exercise, and/or nutrition plans.

To respond to client feedback and monitor progress indicators such as body stats and photos.

Wix Dashboard:

Built through the Wix Platform so

you have a total of loads 

of ways to manage your people,

services, diary, and content.



Manage your customers individually or as a group, with email campaigns and relevant updates.

To analyse the performance of your site and the selling of your services/products.

To manage all aspects from live chat features, to cancellation time limits for sessions.

What Others Say...


Shezique Fitness

Doriel has been a great help in the past few months to get me started in the online personal training world. I was very apprehensive at the start but as soon as I started working with her all my worries were taken care of. Her commitment and passion to create me the perfect website is one of the many reason why I would highly recommend her services. She has always answered any of my questions and gone above and beyond in helping my step by step to get started.

Her knowledge in the fitness industry made it much easier to explain what I was looking for. With other web designers I don't think I would have got the vision I was looking for. Excellent Work... Thank you Doriel.

Shezad Karim / Bolton, UK

- Core Specialist

Shezique Fitness


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